Dragon Mainland - Potential chain game for both playing and earning


With the popularity of Axie Infinity, the term blockchain game has continuously appear in everyone's vision. Axie Infinity's game revenue has surpassed the current most popular centralized mobile game "Glory of the King", with monthly revenue exceeding 300 million US dollars, such mind-boggling data also successfully made Axie draw the public’s attention. Many non-game users have focused their attention on blockchain games in the P2E mode for the first time, and the continuous influx of a large number of incremental users has also pushed the chain game market to a new heights.

The threshold of chain games will be slightly higher compared to the traditional games, it will be more complicated from concept to operation such as the popular GameFi recently, what exactly is GameFi? In short, GameFi refers to the presentation of decentralized financial products in the form of games, gamify the rules of DeFi and turn game props derivatives into NFT. One of the most notable features is that the user's NFT assets have become equipment or tools in the DeFi game. On the other hand, the user can obtain income or rewards during the game. Although the current GameFi game playability needs to be improved, most chain game players join the game for the purpose of making money, but as the fun increases, the importance of the money effect will be marginalized. After all, the core of the game is to play, and solving the balance between the two is an urgent need of the market.

Dragon Mainland made a good start and try. Through a reasonable story line, multi-scene gameplay, and exquisite ecological token design, the dragon trainers can truly make money while playing!

Dragon Mainland

Many chain game markets are very hit, and game projects have sprung up dazzlingly. In this case, how to identify good projects has become a problem for many players. For the choice of blockchain investment or chain games, everyone has their own logical value and thinking, but there are certain consensus that a successful project must have: a deep story culture, rich gameplay, and a good economic model!

Based on the above, Dragon Mainland —— a card battle-based encrypted game that integrates PVP, PVE combat, advanced breeding, free trading, collection and cultivation. It fits the above advantages very well, stands out in all games, and has attracted great attention from global chain game enthusiasts. The popularity of topics on twitter and youtube is rising rapidly. The part worth thinking about is what kind of dark horse project is it that has achieved such a high community popularity within one month of the cold boot?

Inspiring dragon culture

A good background story is also indispensable in an excellent game project. Dragon Mainland original was a virtual highly civilized world. Due to the invasion of outer space creatures, the dragons can't beer the planet be harassed by other foreign invaders. They began to fifind other planets suitable for living and breeding. By chance, they came to the planet inhabited by human beings, which triggered a war

between human beings and the dragons. Finally, human tamed the dragons, and led them to recapture their hometown and re-establish the dragon mainland.

The use of "dragon" as the main storyline of the whole project is also a very  interesting part. "Dragon" has been a mysterious and exciting element since ancient times. We are in awe of its evil and mysterious power, on the other hand, we are  desire to tame it and make it as I use, this longing persists in people's hearts. There are many wonderful presentations from documentary records to film and television works. Based on such a cultural background and inspired by how to train the dragon, Dragon Mainland fully demonstrates the human spirit of exploring the unknown world and mysterious power. Players continuously to domesticate, grow, upgrade the dragons, cultivate and form their own dragon clan through exploration and strategy, fight for tribes and clansmen, and also fight for glory.

It is worth to mention that, different with other  projects,  Dragon  Mainland introduces the wisdom of the mutual generation and restraint of all things in nature, which is reasonably divided into five different potentials: Fire Flame, Water City, Sand Kingdom, The Essence of the Moon, and Thor Yau. All countries exteriorly are in harmony with each other, however, they actually mutual restraint. In order to compete for high quality ethnic domination, they have sent adventurers to various countries to look for and seize dragon pedigree and resources.

This is a war about the glory and destiny of the tribe, and it is going to begin.....

Rich Gameplay

In Dragon Mainland, the gameplay is very abundant, mainly divided into the development system, reproduction system, card battle, and revenue aggregation. The gameplay is very interesting and playable.

1. Development system

In the development gameplay, there are mainly two key NFT props: dragon and dragon skull, with five attributes (fire dragon, water dragon, thunder dragon, rock dragon, and storm dragon). Different types of dragons have different attributes. A dragon has 5 combat attributes and 4 skills naturally. The dragon's skills are determined by different parts of the body. Dragons can increase their attributes by devouring dragon skull.

Dragon skull is divided into five attributes (Attack, Defense, Health, Speed, and Life Force) and three levels (low, medium, and high). Each dragon can only devour the same attribute dragon skull and the maximum of three dragon skull can be devoured. The getting bonus attribute is given randomly, and the bonus attribute’s value is determined according to the level of the dragon skull.

Dragon devours the same attribute dragons can upgrade their own skills. Each skill can be upgraded up to three times, which means each dragon can devour up to 12 dragons, which also ensures that dragons on the market will not overflow.

2. Reproduction system

In the reproduction system, the Dragon Mainland team is also very rigorous in design, they refer to a lot of genetic rules. Each dragon will carry dominant genes, recessive genes, and sub-recessive genes after birth. When a dragon reproduces, the dominant gene determines the external shape of each dragon, and the differences between different genes affect the appearance and attributes skills of the dragon. When  dragons reproduce, there is a certain chance of genetic mutations. Mutations are divided into positive mutations and negative mutations. When dragons are inbreeding, they will have a certain chance to be penalized by genetic algorithms, resulting in negative genetic mutations.

3. Card battle system

Dragon Mainland’s card battles are based on traditional turn-based, combined with  the strategy gameplay of furnace cards. Every time a skill card appears, the uncertainty and limited resources require players to make the best strategic decision to win the victory of the war. Players can get different battle rewards according to different copies. The battle is divided into two modes: PVP and PVE. The battle threshold of PVE is one dragon, and the threshold of PVP battle is 3 dragons. In the PVP mode, a ladder ranking has also been added. Players can increase their ranking

by battles continuously and the higher ranking players can get additional token rewards.

4. Revenue aggregation

The revenue aggregator is an indispensable and important part of the Dragon Mainland GameFi ecosystem. It integrates the NFTs of Dragon skull with games  based on the unique liquidity mining strategy on the DeFi ecosystem. The infrastructure of Dragon Mainland will supply the best liquid mining revenue strategy for users by liquid mining, opening blind boxes and NFTs. In order to provide the best returns to liquidity providers, the revenue aggregator of Dragon Mainland integrates a series of smart contracts with optimized liquidity mining strategies, and will use the best automatic compound interest strategy to automatically seek the best return strategy for users . Dragon Mainland revenue aggregator will support both the Single Token and LP token mining strategy.

Rich Gameplay

The sophisticated economic model is the biggest highlight of the Dragon Mainland project, and it’s also a channel which players can directly earn revenue. The economic

model of Dragon Mainland consists of dual tokens, DMS and DMP. The Dragon Mainland Shards (DMS) token is the main pass of the game. The total supply is 1,000,000,000 pieces and will never be additional issuanced. The distribution of tokens: 45% for mining, 15% for the ecosystem foundation, 21% for the core team, 4% for consultants, and 15 for private equity. In order to motivate the players to participate actively in the game, most of the tokens will be obtained through mining and will be unlocked within 5 years. DMS can be used to purchase dragons, dragon skull, stamina potions and other game props from other users in the marketplace. At the same time, a certain amount of DMS is consumed during the dragon's cultivation (dragon skull synthesis, dragon skull devouring, dragon devouring) and reproduction. With the influx of a large number of players, this deflation mechanism can also effectively prevent a large number of DMS from appearing in the market.

Dragon Miracle Potion (DMP) token is the functional products of the game. A certain amount of DMP is consumed in dragon reproduction, dragon devouring, dragon skull devouring, and dragon skull synthesis. As a game consumable material, there is no upper limit on the total supply and the distribution method is the mission accomplishment reward during the game.

The picture above has well present the ecology of the game economic. First of all, the players have multiple benefits: not only the output of playing game, pledge mining, liquidity mining, mission accomplishment copies, PVP battles, etc., but also can

further reproduce and upgrade to obtain additional dragon as a scarce NFT asset to receive income, use the dragon directly or DMS to pledge mining and also receive dividend income from the platform.

Compared with the simple model of Axie, Dragon Mailand adds more consumption scenarios, a set of self-regulating and deflationary ecosystems are formed through pledge rewards, dragon devouring consumption, dragon skull synthesis, etc., to avoid the viciousness caused by transitory inflation. At the same time, in addition to the limited release of dragon eggs, the follow-up increments all will come from the market users, sharing the ecological rights of the platform and Dragon Mainland with all the players, bringing development dividends to the long-term supporters of the project!

The project is still in its early stages right now, and the upcoming launch of the Genesis Dragon Egg should be a good journey. Based on the above analysis, it is indeed a project with great potential and playability, which can fulfil the needs of various types of users, and has a complete deflation mechanism in game props and tokens, and has sufficient motivation for sustainable development. With both good background story and beautiful/quality game graphics, I am very eager to look forward to its performance. In combination with the above, we will keep paying attention to Dragon Mainland and analyzing the latest developments for everyone!

As below is the official website of the project: https://dragonmainland.io/#/home 

Big Events:

1. Invitation Airdrops

2. Lottery Airdrops

3. AMA Airdrops

4. Genesis Dragon Eggs Rush (First round)

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